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the Vincent Team Virtual Street-band

Welcome !

* How does that work ?

   The idea is to create a virtual Street-band by recording lots of young (or not) musicians playing their part at home !

I'll then put the recordings all together to create an original soundtrack for everybody to share.

And hopefully one day, after this long Lockdown, we will all be able to play the tune(s) together live !

  Street-bands are most frequently composed by acoustic carried instruments, like woodwinds, brass, percussions...

But as this project is virtual, all instruments are welcome to participate !

  The virtual Street-Band has been partly founded by the Art Council England for the South West of England.

I'll leave it open to any musicians everywhere but will give a priority to Devonian and Cornish musicians in case of too many numbers.

  The deadline is end of November to send me your recording(s) so you have the Summer to work on the piece(s) alone and/or with your music tutor.

* Challenge 1 : MUDDY CUMBIA, composition

 for beginners and first years

A Cumbia is a traditional dance from Columbia. This one is muddy thanks to the trombone glissandos !

* Challenge 2 : KOLO-UMBIA, composition

for advanced musicians

Kolo-Umbia is Named after 2 different styles of dances that I mixed in the composition :

the Kolo from Serbia, and the Cumbia from Columbia.

* How to do the recording yourself

                    A bit tricky but such a good exercice !


  First you need to practice the tune, of course, or just a part of the tune, alone or with the help of your music tutor.

  When ready, the musician needs to put some headphones or earphones on, with the playback guide (available bellow).

  This is very important, to be sure everybody is playing at the same tempo !

  A good tip : for some instruments, it's much easier to do it with the music guide in only one ear. So you still can hear yourself playing acoustic too.

  It's possible to do the recording with a simple smart phone (or with better equipment when available of course! ). Check your microphone level by recording a few bars, make sure the sound is not distorted. Test the loudest part that you'll be playing to make sure this doesn't cause distortion.

  Put the music guide on your headphones and play along with it whilst recording.

Be mindful of the noises around you in the room !

  According to the level of the musician, it's possible to record the whole tune in one go, or to record each different parts separately. 

Of course it's possible to record just one part of the piece.

  When it's done, email me the recording(s), I'll add you to the soundtrack. Don't worry, it doesn't need to be perfect, it needs to be fun !

And spread the word to other musicians, the more the merrier !


* Download your playback here :

* To get your specific music sheet :

Send me an email via the button, with :

- the name and age of the musician(s) and where you live (just the town)

- which challenge(s) you would like to do 

- the instrument(s) you need the part for, and in which key

(e.g. Bb, concert pitch,…)

- which key do you prefer to read : Treble clef - Bass clef - Tenor clef, …

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