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     I started to learn trombone and musical theory at the age of 8, in an active music school in my little village in the Loire Valley. There I achieved my grade 9 in both trombone and theory around the same time as getting my baccalaureat in Music, Philosophy and French literacy.

     Then I went to the "Conservatoire Nationale de Musique de Région" of Tours, where I obtained a "First prize" (or "Golden medal") in trombone (with Master Thierry Guilbert), in Chamber music (Master Philipe Ferro) and Orchestral practice (Master Jean- Marc Cochereau) in 2004.

     I learned to play tuba independently, using similar techniques as for the trombone.


     I started to teach trombone and tuba at the age of 20, while studying classical music, in several rural music schools. Sometimes teaching musical theory or musical initiation for very young children.

     After 10-15 years of teaching, I was a professeur in a big music school near Tours where 2 students of mine achieved grade 9 in trombone.

     I became musical and pedagogical director of a music school of 130 students, 17 professeurs in Montrichard, where I conducted two wind orchestras (the youth one and the adults one).

     I also conducted a brass orchestra I had created (not a traditional Brass-Band like in England) with teenagers with whom we won a few competitions.

     In parallel I started independently to experiment with street-band music with children, nourished by every experience in music I went through.

     In 2008 I decided to stop teaching in the classical way to concentrated on my pedagogical work with street-band orchestras. Also as a professional trombone-tuba player. 


   Since my arrival in England in 2018, I'm back teaching brass instruments in a few primary and secondary schools.

     I run the Big Friendly Street Band  in Newton & Noss primary school, with 20 young musicians.

   I'm playing trombone with Malavita!, Joey the lips, the Little Big Horns street Band, Tongues of fire Street Band and as a free lance musicians.

Classical Orchestras

     I played 1st trombone in the semi-pro "Orchestre d'Harmonie de la Région Centre" conduct by the famous French conductor Philippe Ferro for 5 years (2001-2005).

     My experiences with symphonic music include the "Orchestre des jeunes du centre", conducted then by Jean-Marc Cochereau, and the professional "Orchestre de Tours", conducted then by Jean-Yves Ossonce.

     I've played  in a lot of different bands during my career and participated in many recordings (Big-Band, Salsa, Reggae, Rock'Roll, Pop, cinema-music, …) and developed a great passion for street music through Balkan music first (Ex-Yugoslavia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania) and roots music from South-America. 

     I've created and participated in lots of street-bands.

Big projects

     I organised a lot of street events (street-bands festivals, street partys, fun filming street-events,… ) as a manager coordinator and as an artistic director, mainly in villages, involving the inhabitants, associations, local artists, producers, …


     In 2014 my brother and I wrote a big show for 200 amateur musicians (11 bands from different music schools, very varied : string orchestra - wind orchestras - choirs - accordion group - jazz band - batucada) and actors.

"Beograd" : a great experience for everybody.

5 years after, In 2019, step 2 : we wrote a unique massive show this time with my quartet Dans la forêt…, involving 360 musicians and actors. One representation only, in front of 2400 personnes, with beautiful lights and sounds.

"Dans la forêt…bestiale pagaille !" : an amazing unique experience for all of us !

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