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La Belle Image - Fanfare Latino-roots

Professional street Band (France)

     Created in 1996 by young professional musicians who wanted to get rid of their chairs and music stands. 

They investigate and specialise in the Latino-American root musics around the Andes (Bolivia - Peru - Ecuador - Colombia - Mexico).

     In 2004 they created the first choreographied show "Diabladas Corps soufflant" with the Street choreograph Olivier Germser (Cie Tango Sumo), transforming the musicians into dancers playing music. The success was immediate and the show was played more than 1000 times, all over the world.

     La belle image is still one of the most famous "fanfare de rue" in France, for its dance performance and the amazing power of its sound blown by 3 trumpets, 3 clarinets, 3 trombones, 1 sousaphone and 3 percusions.

     I had the great opportunity to play with the band from 2006 to 2017, twice on tour in South America and in many European countries. We created 5 new street shows and recorded 3 Cds during my participation to the band.

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