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Young street-bands

     I created my first street-band with children in 1999. I was 19 years old when my younger sister had a party with friends for their 10th birthday. They were musicians and asked me to compose a tune for that occasion. It's was such a good experience, we decided to continue the adventure.

     A few years later, we started to make concerts in streets events, playing by heart, with costumes and a few funny movements.

     9 years and 70 concerts later we had a CD, a DVD, and 3 summer tours across France with our show 'C'est la jungle !", mixing music with theatre, dance, and circus.

The young musicians made themselves their costume in workshops with Séverine Pichotte Berthias, a professional costume designer.

     The name of the Band, chosen by the young artists, was : L'Orchestre à 20 centimes

(Pronounced L'orchestre à Vincent team, of course !)

     After the baccalaureate, the musicians were divided in location for universitys. 

With the youngest ones and new musicians, we decided to create a new fanfare to take the relay :

L'orchestre à 21 centimesNew band, new costumes, new tunes, new show !

We played the "Maximum Bamboule !" show on tour for 6-7 years from North to South in France.

We made 2 video clips for a French television in 2010.

     This time I anticipated the next turnover by creating a "fanfare workshop" for very young musicians (from 5 to 10), called the Vincentimètres (pronounced in French 20 centimetres).

They were all learning an instrument in music school for a minimum of one year. We worked on musical exercises/games about connecting, listening, responding to each other, and a few basics in theatre, dance and improvisation.

     In 2012, La tribu des Vincentimètres replaced L'Orchestre à 21 centimes on tour with the show "Attaque en fanfare !", until 2017. A young trombonist, Tanguy, even composed a tune for the band, age 12. We recorded a Cd with this tune, among others (Tanguynade, n° 5 on the player). 

     The next young street-band I'll create will be an english one !

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