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the One-Man-Street-Band Show !

   Alone with my Brass instruments, some percussions, conch shells, a loop station and my bits and pieces.

I'm playing tunes composed or arranged by myself, inspired by traditional Street Music from New Orleans, Colombia, the Balkans, Jazz root traditions, ... all performed live in front of you !

I've created this show during the first Lockdown, when we couldn't play with other musicians anymore.

I worked on a new tune every week to perform in my front garden every Thursday evening for the NHS.

A few months later I had nearly 1h30 of music on my own !


I've performed this show for numerous festivals, pubs, restaurants, weddings, schools, balls...

even on a moving boat to raise money to create the Big Friendly Street-Band !

Kolo-Umbia (composition) Tropical Pressure festival, 2023

Fiesta de Negritos, Columbia,

Tropical Pressure festival 2023

The One-Man-Street-Band-Show performed on a moving boat

In the Newton and Noss Estuary, December 2020

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