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Le Grand Orchestre De…

amateur adult street-band - Les Montils (Fr, 41)

     In 2004, my brother (musician and publisher) and I created our company : "L'atelier de la Casserole".

("The saucepan workshop". Because in a saucepan you can mix and create lot of things. Or sing in it.

Or turn it upside down and make sounds !)

     We started a new band (for adults this time), where everybody was welcome to play. Some were already musicians, some not at all, some had played and stopped years ago. It became rapidly a great mixture of very different people, and a wide open experimental environment. A bit of art performance, of theatre. We changed the name of the band every rehearsal (weekly !), and finally stoped with

"Le Grand Orchestre De…" (Le God…) and add a funny name each gig, related to where or what we are playing for..

    Since the beginning we play 20 gigs a year, mainly in the streets, and our last record is an album of exclusives tunes composed by professionals for the band, in lots of different styles.

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